Automated Installation of Rhino 7 - Cloud Zoo

Hi all,

I just want some clarification for setting up a deployment / automated install of Rhino 7. I am following the instructions here: Automating installation of Rhino 7 for Windows [McNeel Wiki]

For specifying the Cloud Zoo for LICENSE_METHOD it says to leave blank. Does that mean the argument should be:


or should the parameter be removed from the string of arguments? I have an admin that is getting an error that “Zoo Server is not available” with the following string of arguments:


Thanks in advance!

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From what I gather, if a valid license is not found via the specified LICENSE_METHOD, the following window will appear:


Is there any way to suppress this for deployments and have it go straight to the window below? Not a big deal, just asking for a friend :slight_smile:



You don’t need the LICENSE_METHOD arcument at all.
Then when an individual starts it, they will need to Login as you’ve shown so Rhino know who is running it and can check if they have a Personal or Team license.

Then the user can Logout, and the next user can start Rhino and Login.

Thanks, John. I will advise them to not include the LICENSE_METHOD parameter.

Will the next user have to agree to the EULA too? If not, is there a way for the Administrator to ‘silently’ agree to the EULA on behalf of all of the users when deploying to all computers?


The only way I can think of would probably open a bigger can of worms than you want to deal with.

This would be to connect the Domain to the Team.
Then anyone with a Domain login is automatically a Rhino Team member. Then the user doesn’t do anything other than be using a Domain login to get into Windows.

Thanks, John. I’m no stranger to cans of worms, just trying to reduce the probability of internal support requests for an IT Director friend.

I have more questions about Domain Linked Teams here :grimacing::

I’m going to defer to Andres, the developer of these tools.

Yo @aj1, can you please have a look?

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Hi @jfreund, early in the Cloud Zoo’s integration with Rhino we decided that it would be rare for a user to belong to 2 different teams which both have a license.

Rhino will always try to grab a license from your personal account if one is available. If it isn’t, it will go look for a license in a random team and stick to that team unless the lease expires or the team is out of licenses.

This behavior can be customized by going to Tools -> Options -> Advanced and setting Rhino.LicensingSettings.ManualEntitySelection to true (In Mac, Go to Rhino -> Preferences -> Advanced). Then, run the the Logout command. This will close Rhino. When you open Rhino again, Rhino will always ask you where you want to get a license from. This is probably the best solution for you as long as users understand that they belong to 2 different teams.