Borrow license from Zoo

Is it possible to borrow a Bongo license from the Zoo?

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While connected to the Zoo with Bongo loaded, try the command, “BongoCheckOutLicense”. The ability to check out licenses needs to be enabled on the Zoo console.
After checking out a license, the Zoo console will show the license status.
When the computer returns to the network, start Rhino again and run “BongoCheckInLicense”

The Rhino equivalents are CheckOutLicense and CheckInLicense.

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Hi John,

There is no “BongoCheckOutLicense” command available.
I have checked the Zoo and check out licenses is enabled.

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John’s advice is for Bongo 1.0, so if you’re using Bongo 2.0 it won’t work.
Bongo 2.0 works with the new Rhino 5 license manager and therefore a little bit different. If you type in CheckOutLicense, or go to Tools > Options > Licenses, you can see your licenses and choose to check out or check in the licenses that are available.

Hi Marika,

Thanks! That works.
You have to start Bongo > Animate and then start “CheckOutLicense”.

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