Plant position


I have been successfully use forest tab to populate trees of shrubs earlier. They were located and displayed properly. But, after I assign material to surface, I can’t do that same thing with those boundaries. The plants are show up in some weird locations. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I guess you may click on the polyline of the forest to modify its boundary.
Also ckeck if the botton of adjust to terrain is activated. it must be activated so your plants wont appear floating in the air.
Good luck!

Hi Elham,

I check those setting and they still appear the same issue.
So what I did was to tag the terrain and use the boundary to place forest. It just doesn’t work properly from some point after I apply textures to them. Now I need to use gh to bake points and then use plant from point option.

Is there anything else I might missed?


Check the normals of the surface, Lands won’t elevate objects to surfaces whose normal vector points down. Maybe this is your case?

Hi Albert,

what command shall I use to check the normals?

You can use “_Dir” to check the its direction and “_Flip” to invert them.
Both commands can be accessed through a button in the side toolbar:


Thanks Albert.

The surface is facing up and on its front face.
I might describe it wrong, the plants are not entirely floating in the air. I tested it just create a line of that vegetation next to no matter what surface I’m putting onto.

Ok, I don’t see anything wrong in the images.
You may think there is an error because of the appearance of these little plants. They are herbaceous with no trunk, and they have so few triangles that the “lowpoly” version becomes a bit weird.
They will look better when rendering I hope (if you chose to generate more detailed plants).

Sorry, I didn’t make that clear…
The planting image that I uploaded in last post was created with plant from points (I generate points on surface in gh then I bake them in Rhino and use them.) And that’s the only way works for me now.

The image in this post is the issue I’m trying to fix. Its shows a line of plants as a result of whatever planting method I use (Row/Forest/Shrub/Parterre).


I see. If you are sure that this row is being elevated to terrains then may be there is a bug. You say it worked before assigning a material to the surface? Can you export this surface to a 3dm file and send it to Hopefully I’ll be able o reproduce it.

Correct. I just sent it.