Texture bug


Just a little bud report (I think):

Sometimes some plants are rendered in white instead of the correct texture. It not always the same one but it appears most of the time when they’re is multiple plants in the model…

Thanks Guillaume,
I’ve been able to reproduce it, in my case in VRay, but you are using… Rhino Render?
It looks like something broke in the materials management but I need to look into it carefully.

I’m using VRAY
Sometimes it works fine and sometimes not…


An other exemple in an other scene.

In this case, problematic plant is ground mapped and some instances are correctly rendered and other don’t…

Hi Guillaume, what is the species of your parterre? Could you share the 3dm file with us (landsdesign@asuni.com)? (we just need the model with the parterre, the rest is not important)

I thinks it is due to an error introduced in RC version. I’ve fixed it, with some others, including a crash deleting the Plant Shadows object. Today or tomorrow we are going to publish a new RC with all this fixes.