Complex selections

select a bunch of stuff that takes a while to pick out… bad click then lose selection. Aaargh start over.

Any way that undo could consider deselect to be an action that’s undoable for maybe the most recent deselection? I realize it makes no sense to preserve deselects in the undo stack for a long time but it would be nice occasionally to be able to undo and get back a time consuming selection.

Hi Ryan,

try to use the command _SelPrev if you`ve lost the selection, it works ok in many cases.


Hi Ryan- you can take a look at the SelectionSets ‘plug-in’, really a glorified RhinoScript, here:

I have not loaded it up recently, since I don’t do any real work, but it does, or did, work pretty well. You can save and recall selection sets of objects and control points (separately, they do not mix) as well as add sets together, subtract them and what not. There’s a toolbar with it as well, in V4 format, I guess.


@pascal This reminds me, is there a way to easily recall a previous point selection?

Like say I want to rotate an object, and I get the angle wrong the first time or need to adjust it. I wish I could get that rotation point back easily, even though it’s probably not the last point selected.

Hi Hans- no good way that I know of without some obvious oSnap or something. An ‘AroundLastPoint’ option is what you’re hinting at, right?


Yes, that’s correct. Rotate was just one example of where this might come in handy, I usually just move the coordinate system to a location if I know in advance I’ll need to re-use a point.

Also remember that you can use lots of selcrv selsrf selpt etc.
The tools in the select menu are many.
And you have the select popup filter where you can toggle what kind of object types you want to be able to select.

And window select from left to right or from right to left in combination with shift to add and ctrl to remove.

And group stuff and use ctrl+shift to select within the group.