Keep selection after undo

How can I keep the selection after an undo.


  • I select many objects
  • move them
  • then undo move
    => all my selection is lost
    (I have to select all objects again)

Does _sellast help?

The problem occurs when I select sub parts of objects, i.e. hold mac + shift while selecting (or ctrl + shift on Windows).

When I use _sellast it selects all objects that contain the sub-parts, but not the sub-parts itself.

btw: thank you for answering so fast :slight_smile:

Yes, Rhino does not retain sub-object selections for the moment (on either platform). --Mitch

I copy before an undo, you have the option of dropping the parts into an empty drawing then cut and paste between the two. You could also try grouping the selected parts prior to move. The clipboard isn’t effected by undo.

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Preserving selections after Undo commands would be VERY helpful. There’s no logical reason why Undo should also deselect, and I can’t think of another application where this is expected behaviour.

  • darren.

Agreed on the benefits.

There are actually two separate issues here. One is that Rhino does not save previous selection states. This is an often-heard request and should be addressed somehow, I agree.

The second issue is sub-object selections. Structurally, sub-objects (surface edges, polysurface faces, etc.) do not exist. They are part of the main object, but do not exist independently from it and do not have an object ID.

An object ID - the long number you see in properties>details that looks like this 65ee2a1c-0063-47df-a772-c984b52e0903 - is the way objects in the document are referenced and tracked in Rhino. All object selection is based on ID, so a whole new system needs to be created to allow for remembering sub parts of objects (that have no ID) that have been selected. I think this is planned, but I don’t know for when.


Surely, if the user can select and transform objects, Rhino must have some way of keeping track of what was selected?

Do they have an issue tracker where I can file this feature request?


this seems like an internal tracker.



It’s (mostly) a public tracker.
Some items are not visible to the public but that is because of user information that is used in a specific issue.
You can just sign up and add your feature request.

Nope, the system is public. You do need to create a log-in though. However, the alternative is just posting it here, somebody will record your wish/bug report in the system.


Ey hello I’ve been working with sub D this option is still unavailable? I think I really need that function

Hi -

Keeping a subselection selected after an undo hasn’t been implemented, no.

As a work-around, you could use a simple macro.
When you find that you need to undo something that involved sub-object selection, run this:

-NamedSelections Save S1 Enter Undo -NamedSelections Select S1 Enter