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Hi, select previous not of use in what I just did, I need the selection I made immediately before the last one.

I had carefully selected all the curves that made up the shape I was interested in, then ran intersect and selected a surface they were used to create and it didnt show these lines on the surface instead I ended up with points where these lines intersected each other.
I need to select all these lines again and maybe try project, but selLast finds the surface.

A selection history would be useful, or at least SelLastButOne


Sometimes you can undo and redo and it will reselect the parts you had?

When I run into this I’ll ctrl C and copy the curves before I run the operation and if it fails I’ll just paste them back into place and try again, deleting them when I’m done.

It would be handy to have a selection stack like the undo stack though… It’d be handy if it wouldn’t be broken by changes too. So if one of the curves in the selection group was deleted the command would select all but one of the curves.


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Hi Steve - not sure in this exact case, but SelPrev may help.

Use IntersectTwoSets to find the intersection of the curves and the surface but not with each other.


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Reviving this because I have the same question.

Let’s say you carefully select 50+ edges and then run a fillet on them. Oops! Looks like your fillet value isn’t ideal, so you undo the action, and want to run it again with a new value.

SelPrev does not work in this instance. Neither does SelLast. Sometimes it reselects an entire object for some reason. Other times the command line says “SelPrev selection set is empty.”

Thus, you’re forced to painfully reselect every single edge all over again.


Is there ANY way to reselect the ACTUAL previous selection when undoing a command?

Hello - in FilletEdge and BlendEdge, you can use the ‘PreviousEdgeSelection’ command line option, or use the Edit option.


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Hi all,

kind of late to the party but I´ll think this cloul be useful: How about having an option to have selections as part of ctrl+z, ctrl+y steps? Right now Rhino olny selects modified objects. Named selections are slow for common operations. PreviousEdgeSelection doesn´t cover all operations.

Should this be impractical I´d at least create a history for the _SelPrev command as of now it mostly duplicates _SelLast anyway. It would be neat to be able to list through previous selections by repeating _SelPrev or writing _SelPrev 6 to jump 6 selections back.

I think a lot of people would appreciate this.