Feature request: when Ctrl+Z previously selected objects should be reselected

Thank you!
Just selected not all green panels in the back. So wanted to step back and select the single not selected. but undo wouldn’t reselect the selected items.

I’m confused by this request… Are these green pieces subObjects? Otherwise you can just shift + select what you had forgotten to add to existing selection?

Or you can Select by color? If you preselected one green object and run the_SelColor command (did I remember it’s name right?) it should select all the green objects.


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@hannesgrebin, in addition to above, also try _SelPrev


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@gustavo it’s just if you missed one object while selecting all panels (green) and undo/go back one step in history the previously selected items won’t be selected. Unlike Modo, Rhino won’t take selections into history steps.

Thanks @clement totally forgot about this!!!

Many other software packages include selections into their undo/redo stack.
I actually like the fact that Rhino does not, but often miss the ability to undo/redo selection (_SelPrev is not always reliable or allowing to step back a few steps)

Ideally there would be a separate undo stack for selection, if possible to implement, and command UndoSelect / RedoSelect. Obviously it should work with sub-objects as well! :slight_smile:



I would 2nd that! It’s intuitive, if you need to recall the last selection you would remember and fire the alias. Thanks @Jarek for pushing this! Hannes

Since starting working with Rhino ~17 years ago that’s been one of the setbacks and major things missing for me in the software. I am sure it is not easy to implement, but at the same time seems like such a basic and needed feature. @Pascal - I was looking at YT but could not find any entries and I am sure it has been wished for/discussed before…


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