Closed document with Block Editor still open, now file is blank!

Hello guys,

So I closed a Rhino 7 file while still in Block Editor, saved the file. Now that I open it again, it is still in Block Editor, but after I close the editor there is nothing in the file. I cant select, unhide, or zoom anything. Even the set of table and chairs that’s the edited block disappears. I also didn’t find an autosaved file in the proper folder. I copied the file, and when I open the copy its the same story. The file still is 135 MB, its just blank.
Any ideas on how to get out of this predicament?

Thank you in advance.

PS: Bellow a screenshot of the document as soon as I open it.

Can you please send a copy of the file?

You should be able to go to your Windows Recycle Bin, find a recently deleted Autosave file for this model, and restore it.
That should still have the rest of the file.

Any luck?

There are a couple ways to rectify this. The one that comes to mind is to go to plugins and disable the block edit. Open the file and then save. Open Rhino again and re-enable the Block-Edit plugin.