Command Prompt won't come back when prompted

When I started Rhino this morning, the toolbars didn’t appear on my second screen the way I had them set up to do. After restoring the toolbars I can’t get the command prompt to return. I’ve gone to Options>Appearance and checked the Command prompt box. Nothing happens. When I go back to Options>Appearance, Command prompt is unchecked again. I tried Restore defaults, no luck. I restarted the computer and no luck. If I check/uncheck other boxes in the appearance window, they work as expected. The command prompt does show very briefly when Rhino first starts, then it disappears again. The program seems to be working correctly in all other aspects. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Hello - what happens if you use this macro:

`! _CommandPrompt _Show=Yes _EnterEnd’



What happens is that I get very happy and then right back to work. For future reference, is there something I may have done that caused the toolbar crash in the first place? I notice that someone else on the forum also had this problem recently. I think this is my first one on this computer and V6 (computer is 1 year old) so not a frequent issue like earlier versions.

Thanks for the super fast and helpful response, Pascal.

OK, good… but the question remains, why does this not work via Options? Is only one instance of Rhino open (See Windows TaskManager)? Do you have any startup commands in Options > General page?


It was the only instance open. It persisted even after a restart. No startup commands.