Command prompt position problem is back

On my new install on one of the schemes I created, the command prompt stubbornly refuses to stay docked at the bottom, every time I close and re-open it goes back. ISTR having this problem before, but I forgot the fix…

Edit: OK fixed it.

Strangely, the following fixes did not work:

  1. The normal Rhino CommandPrompt command - works for the open instance but does not stick.
  2. Options>Advanced Appearance.CommandPromptPosition - setting it to 1 (bottom) did not work or stick.
  3. Editing the settings file <entry key="CommandPromptPosition">1</entry> and setting it to 1 and saving (with Rhino closed) - did nothing.

What did finally work was to undock the command prompt and let it float, close Rhino, open again, dock it at the bottom manually, then close and open again…