Command Menu Tab will not move more than once

I was trying to organize menu bars. I moved the Command Menu bar OK one time. Then I tried to move it again but it won’t move. Rhino needs to be restarted. This behaviour only effects the command tab

I’ve just moved it around and redocked it successfully a dozen times without a problem.

The Docking behavior is new for V8.

  1. Click and hold the top bar of the floating container
  2. Drag it towards the top of the area where you want it
  3. 4 little lavender targets appear at the top, bottom, and sides
  4. Move your pointer over the target area you want and the preview will expand
  5. Let go of the mouse button and it will dock.

Any luck?

Thanks John! but no progress so far. Now I can’t find the command prompt at all regardless of which of my models I open…

I can’t figure out how you got your toolbars into that state.
Did you try to import an old saved RUI file?

Try running ToolbarReset and check the option for Delete toolbar customizations.

Quit and restart RhinoWIP.

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Thanks VERY MUCH John! The ToolbarReset fixed the problem.