Command Line?


After a five your break from Rhino I’ve now returned to the program via Rhino for Mac. I purchased it a few months ago and have gone to use it for the first time today. Before doing so I just updated to 5.2.1.

So my issue is where is the Command Line? It’s nowhere to be seen. And I can’t find how to get it back. Is this a glitch in the 5.2.1 and if so how do I resolve it.

Or has the Command Line been removed from Rhino for Mac altogether and I just have to live with it?


There isn’t one. A Command line is not a normal I/U think in OS X.
Here’s a link to the Mac Wiki page with lots of good information about the major differences:

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Hi @craftyste , If you are new to Rhino for Mac and have used Windows, the 2 most obvious differences are ,

The right click anywhere in a view to get the options for how the model is displayed, i.e.: wireframe , seeded etc…

The other is the hidden command line, to get it just start typing your command anywhere, it will just appear …

Also your command history is down on the bottom left …

Welcome to Rhino for Mac, it just gets better.

IHTH «Randy

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Hi @craftyste,

Also in Rhino for Mac there are 2 Sidebars, which can be activated by the toggles in the title bar on either side or by hitting [cmd]-[0] (left one) and [cmd]-[alt]-[0] (right one).

in the right sidebar you can have multiple “segments”, one of them is the command history (4th icon from the right):

(click the image, the command history is hidden in this thumbnail)

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How do I activate the hidden command line?
So I can stay in fullscreen view without the command line sidebar appearing?


@mortenengel Sorry for the delay getting back but not in Rhino much these days. To get the command line to pop up when you start typing go to Preferences > Themes, Use Command Options Dialog.

IHTH «Randy