Command Line GONE :(

You have broken my heart Rhino.
PS you still have the option of having it available in the preferences…such a tease.

This was inadvertently broken by the last update and will be fixed in the next WIP release. However, the entire functionality of the Windows command line is still in Rhino for Mac and has always been there without using the explicit command line option. See the Command Line section in

The functionality may be there, but the usability is poor. Users don’t want an annoying box popping up in the middle of their workspace every time they type a command. Furthermore, the recent break to the legacy preferences also broke the ability to display the command options - an absolutely vital component. Even the most expert user will not remember every single command sub option, we need the ability to select on sight!

Please listen to your users. Those of us that type all our commands are the users you need to direct the most attention to - we are the power users. If you lose the legacy command line in favour of an annoying pop up, you will alienate a lot of us.

Yes that pop up box is horrid!! Please take it away forever.

I don’t think that the pop up box is that bad… What I don’t like is that the command line is only one… well, line… When I use the dist command I have to open command history to see all the c-plane and world angles and deltas… That should be solved - one way or another. We would need a minimum of tree lines (or some other method) to see all the relevant information.


This information was always available in PC version. You could simply drag the command line down to as many lines as information as you wanted.

I think it’s bad. It’s visually disruptive. Also it always seems to be in the wrong place. ( I know it can be moved but I don’t always need the same spot on my screen available). Plus if I want to enter options I want it close. It’s almost a paradox in a way.