Command line in rhino 8 for mac

A command line on Rhino for mac would be great !

Hej Jakob -
The way I understood this, at some point, the new UI that is being developed for Rhino 8 will make it possible to have a UI on Mac that is more Windows-like than it is now.


Hi Wim, that sounds great ! Thank you for the quick reply. Best regards

Hi @wim,

that is a welcome change. Would it be possible to also improve the command history window ? I’ve found myself to often click in the lower left of the Rhino window to read what has been hidden of a command’s feedback but the command history window is way too narrow. It would be useful if it can be wider so the text is not truncated.


Seconding this - there really needs to be an option where the command history window can be a perpetually visible part of the Mac UI.

My workflow relies heavily on feedback from it, so the fact that it is minimized on Rhino for Mac is a major pain point any time I’ve tried to use it.

I’m really liking the direction for a lot of the changes to the Mac UI in Rhino 8, though.

FYI this is already possible, there is a panel for this.

@Gijs Yes, this was pointed out to me recently - thank you! I’m really excited about having this part of my mac interface.

Was this always available and I just managed to totally miss it, or is this new with rhino 8?

Well, yes and no, it was a panel (at least in V7, can’t check V6 right now), but not as flexible as it is V8, where you can pull it out and place it wherever you like