Command History Line

I’m teaching myself rhino on mac but for some reason there is no command history line.
I noticed there is a way to view your history but it does not allow you to edit it or give you any options.
Does anyone know how to create the Command History Line on the Rhino Mac version?

just start typing and the command line shows up-

thank you!
the command line shows up but its not staying at the top of the bar like it does in the windows version.
is that just the way the mac version is?
or is this just how rhino has changed from updating?

nope- it’s mac thing…the command line goes away after you enter the command- then appears again when you start typing. If you are using the mac version a lot, please join the forum and participate in the development! Marlin is one hard working dude at mcneel, so please support him with your ideas and suggestions-

great thank you so much!

i’m teaching myself rhino on mac and i’m a bit confused with the command history line.
for example: if i create a circle and after i’ve pressed enter and created the circle it does not allow me to go back and change that diameter because there is no history.
I’m new to rhino so I could just be unaware of what I should be doing….
but is there anyway i can edit my history and see all of the commands i’ve done?
I was able to figure out how to find my command history but it doesn’t allow me to edit it.
thanks for your help!

For seeing history, with the new single-window mode see attached screenshot.

to change history you must have history turned on. It will not let me take screenshot of sub-menus. But record history is the pyramid with the red record button. Or just click the history at top for single history record…