Can't get the command history/toolbar at the top!?!

Please help, I have been searching for hours for a solution. I just updated to Rhino 7 and now it’s gone. I can’t see the command history or command line and its really effecting my work.

Hi -

I can’t tell if you know that, on Mac, the command history is in the lower left corner and the “command line” appears when you run a command.

Ive run several commands and the command prompt bar that is usually at the top above the icons (how it was in Rhino 6 on Mac) does not show up. Ive attached two screenshots, one is my screen after making a cube, yes the command shows at the bottom but the command prompt/history bar is not at the top of the screen. the second screenshot I found on google, its the command bar that I’m looking for. I distinctly remember it being there when I was using rhino 6 on my Mac. once I updated it was gone.

That screenshot is Rhino for Windows…

I know but when I had rhino 6 on my Mac I still had that same exact command bar above the icons.

Haven’t used Rhino for Mac since V6, but I never saw that when I was using it.

that has been uttered as a wish at some point, but as far as i can recall in my very short interrupted evaluation period of Rhino 6 there was no option to have it look like windows.

@ghada_ismail do you maybe mean the floating command?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-11 um 12.35.05