Command box not working like it used to

before, no matter what I did, I would start typing a command and it would automatically appear in the command box

now, I type a command and nothing happens, and I have to put the cursor in the box and only then I am able to type in a command

this has got to be a bad thing:) it’s already driving me up the wall… hehe

I just got the 5A766w version

I’m not seeing this here Izabela. Can you post the ‘more info’ from the About Rhinoceros splash screen? I’m curious what hardware and OSX version you’re running.

must have been some kind of a kink because I opened up rhino right now to respond to you, moved some stuff around and it’s functioning correctly… odd, but good

OS X version 10.10.2 (Build 14C1514)

Got it!

I have a shape already chosen.

This is what the side looks like:

The last thing I did was move something.

When I try to move it, everything grays out.

I did not ask the program to ‘disable all’
it’s just doing it… now.
it wasn’t doing it for a long time… just started again.

So… that’s how that happens, every once in a blue moon…