Combine or nest furniture styles: possible?

Hi I am an exhibit designer and currently evaluating VisualArq for exhibit design. I think it can be of great help in this field but I am completely new to the software (not Rhino, we’ve been using that for a long time) so I am now trying to figure out what its strenghts and limitations might be.

A typical problem you face in exhibit design is you have exhibit furniture in which some other reocurring elements are integrated. E.g. a table element combined with a screen and a handheld speaker device. Can I make one definition that has the furniture and then another that cuts the hole and integrates the screen in it and combine them somehow in VisualArq? Or would I have to make separate definitions for a table with a screen and a table without a screen?

I hope my point is clear. Thanks for your help, looking forward to playing around with VisualArq :slight_smile:

Hi @accounts2,

I guess you are speaking about VisualARQ Grasshopper Styles. You can make one definition with a parameter which you use to tell the software if you want a screen or not. For example, in the definition attached I have used a Value List to decide if I want to create a support or if I don’t.

image (24.9 KB)

Hey thanks for your tip and sorry for taking so long to reply. I think it’s not quite what I meant, sorry if my description wasn’t accurate. But I realize I can do a lot with grasshopper and VisualArq that I haven’t yet taken enough time to tinker around with.

What I am trying right now is to using Element Styles in a similar way to Rhino Blocks. I guess I could make a style from a 3dm File for a wall or table element and then place a headphones or screen element in the same place and both things together (or more) would make up one exhibit.

I am not quite sure yet how this is more helpful than just using blocks but I am still evaluating what works for my use case in VisualArq and what Rhino does better natively.

Also I haven’t quite grasped yet the difference between elements and furniture. Is it just a name thing?

Still a long way to go I guess but interesting possibilities :slight_smile:

Hello @accounts2,

Maybe what you need is to create assemblies between two or more styles, so that you can create two different styles and join them to create a big style where you can still edit the two styles. Is that it?

It is a way to classify the objects to have an ordered workspace. Furniture is for furniture objects and they will be exported as IFC as an ifcFurnishingElement while Element is for any kind of object which is not listed within the VisualARQ categories (walls, windows, furniture…) and they can have any ifc type.

Hey @alfmelbev, Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like what you are saying is what I am trying to do: assemble two or more styles. How can I do this in VisualArq? I can’t seem to find a tutorial on it. Or do you mean manual assembly, as I have described before? Just placing one element of one style in the room and then a second element of another style on top?

Hi @accounts2,

There is not any feature in VisualARQ to make assemblies for now. We have it in our list for future versions, so I’ll add your vote to it. So yes, for now you will need to do it manually placing one of the objects on the other.