Combine or nest furniture styles: possible?

Hi I am an exhibit designer and currently evaluating VisualArq for exhibit design. I think it can be of great help in this field but I am completely new to the software (not Rhino, we’ve been using that for a long time) so I am now trying to figure out what its strenghts and limitations might be.

A typical problem you face in exhibit design is you have exhibit furniture in which some other reocurring elements are integrated. E.g. a table element combined with a screen and a handheld speaker device. Can I make one definition that has the furniture and then another that cuts the hole and integrates the screen in it and combine them somehow in VisualArq? Or would I have to make separate definitions for a table with a screen and a table without a screen?

I hope my point is clear. Thanks for your help, looking forward to playing around with VisualArq :slight_smile:

Hi @accounts2,

I guess you are speaking about VisualARQ Grasshopper Styles. You can make one definition with a parameter which you use to tell the software if you want a screen or not. For example, in the definition attached I have used a Value List to decide if I want to create a support or if I don’t.

image (24.9 KB)