Is it possible to link or nest Grasshopper style components

I was wondering if there was a way to create a new grasshopper style using an input like a curve or point from anouther style. The use case would be for example in kitchen cabinets where a base cabinet would define the curve of a cabinet front. The cabinet front component would take this curve and then define the drawers or door. Another component could define the hardware.

I’ve been using react for ui design and the concept here would be similar to component composition, where smaller components can be passed as props to other components.

another way to handle this would be to pass the component through to the next component and have access to all the properties of that component.

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Just found this post: Dynamic nested blocks in Rhino. Using VisualARQ2 to create dynamic… | by L* | Apr, 2024 | Medium
Going to try this out

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Hi @Benjamin_Paolo_Fortu that guide is quite helpful!

We plan to add the feature to create nested styles in VisualARQ objects (driven or not by Grasshopper styles) in future versions.

What would be different than what was implemented in this article? The ability to nest styles without grasshopper?

I’m going to experiment with this workflow and let you know how it goes.

Basically, the major improvement would be that you would have VisualARQ objects instead of Geometry params in the output geometry in the Grasshopper definition. Once the GH style is created, it should be easier to change the style of those nested VisualARQ objects.