Revit Families

Hi, so I was wondering if it’s possible to import a revit family as a VisualARQ furniture object? That way I can use the parameters from the standard preloaded revit libraries inside Rhino? If this is not a feature yet, it would be awesome to have it added in the future to increase compatibility with revit and make the design process smoother. I know parametric furniture can be designed in grasshopper, but I don’t want to have to build my library up from zero when I have all of these revit families floating around that I could use.

You can use Rhino inside Revit to bring the geometry from individual Revit families to Rhino then use this geometry to build a visualarq element. but when it comes to bringing the (Library) Revit uses constraints in the form of Reference planes/ Reference Lines that cannot easily created in visualarq to match the way the families being constrained.

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Makes sense. Any tips for building up a library of visualarq furniture and elements?

Although I’m not a Visualarq person, I can generally speak:
1- Building a library can be a huge upfront cost, this depends on your work. If you work within a company, you can set up a task force to build the library by dedicating 2 hours/week/person to build a library. This is going to cost your office some operational overhead.
2- Another option if you are a sole practitioner, is to create elements as you work on your project. furniture, millwork, equipment, entourage …etc and you can always export them to a library folder once you are done. in this case you will never ending up with a complete library but you always include your visualarq in your project billing.

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Hello everyone,

It is possible to import Revit families to VisualARQ as styles using Rhino.inside.Revit. We have developed a Grasshopper definition to do this which you can download from Food4Rhino:

This Grasshopper definition is ready to use so that you can import your styles just with one click. It currently supports wall, floor, roof, window and door types; we will update it adding other kind of objects (furniture will be one of them).

As for this, you can create your own library creating the styles in a file and saving it as a template. However, you can save some time on the styles creation using the Rhino.inside.Revit workflow I explained above or using the VisualARQ styles users have uploaded to Food4Rhino:

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