Guide to nesting VisualARQ styles


Was struggling with nesting the grasshopper styles for some time, thought I would write a short guide for others.

Link to guide on Medium:

Any comments, improvements?


Hi @LSTR ,
Thank you for the tutorial.
How would you evaluate the Rhino7 perfomance with hundreds of nested styles?
Is there slowdown?

There most certainly is some slowdown at higher block counts. Example numbers below.

I tested with some non-representive POC elements that consisted of multiple styles, such as VisualARQ walls and window openings inserted to them and 2 types of other blocks. So basically I had a master block with 4 types of objects nested into it, 1 layer deep (no nested nested blocks).

At ~700 master blocks I had no noticeable slowing when moving around the model or editing singular objects.

I doubled it to 1,400 with alt-gumball move and started having slight fps-drop when moving around, still workable when editing small groups of objects… BUT after I selected all of the 1400 elements and moved the window-objects in the properties panel (I had sliders to adjust their position in the wall), the computing time was so long that I could not wait for it to finish. I have I5-12450H processor and the calculations are basically single core.

I can’t say specific limits, but in my experience the issues come when computing changes in thousands of elements with one selection. I have not tested with multiple layers of nesting, but I don’t see a reason for it not to work.

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That’s a really useful method!

It raises the question of how much nesting is possible inside styles. I work a lot with prefabricated building modules and it would be quite useful if I could create VisualARQ elements that contain a whole apartment unit (with corner columns, floor slab, ceiling slab and exterior walls). I experimented a little bit with this, but it seems like automatic wall extensions and collisions between elements is not working inside nested styles:

Maybe this one is not a nesting monster, but have fun of windows made of beams and walls (plus as external blocks):

Cheers, Jaro

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@LSTR That’s a great tutorial! thanks for creating it and sharing it with the community!

We have plans in future versions to create VisualARQ object assemblies, so you can make a VisualARQ object style be the component of another style. So I’ll let you know whenever there is news on this development.