Questions on Visualarq for Grasshopper

Hello everyone, I have 3 questions/ things I don’t understand too well in visualarq in grasshopper, I never really used visualarq in gh and now I want to start using it, but the lack of information online in some areas are mading me come here to ask.

First: I was trying to use the scrip Francesc Salla provided that gets the 4 views of a space. I defined the space but it didnt worked as showned in the printscreen. I realised it could be the room having more than 4 sides but i tried with a regular 4 walls space and could have any results aswel.

Second: I miss a video or a tutorial explaining how can I assign grasshopper geometry definitions to visual arq categories (such as door leaf, frame etc…), I saw a video from simplyrhino doing a rail, but couldn’t do doors or windows by seeing that.

Third: I acessed another visualarq script this time from Afonso Melero that retrieve revit geometry to visualarq. I had sucsses with walls, some roofs, and slabs but couldn’t figure out how I can import doors or windows. I miss ability to import revit courtain walls or furniture in this script.

Hello @Leonardo_G_Pate,

You can find learning resources about VisualARQ in the following site: Learn - VisualARQ

As for the first issue, which definition are you referring to? Where did you find it? Please, let me know so I understand what you are trying to do.

In the second issue, I guess you mean Grasshopper Styles. You have got tutorials about each kind of object in the following site: Grasshopper styles - VisualARQ

As for the Rhino.inside.Revit definition, you need to create an instance of doors and windows which type you need to import to VisualARQ. I will upload another definition to import the objects, which will make possible to transfer curtain walls and furniture.

Thanks for the answer,
I was talking about this definiton in the first.

the problem for the 3 issue is: how to create this instance ?

anyone know what happened in the script?

Hello @Leonardo_G_Pate,

As for the elevations and sections Grasshopper definition, please, make sure you are using the last VisualARQ version.

This definition is meant to be used with VisualARQ physical objects; spaces are used for data documentation, so will not get any section view from them neither in Grasshopper nor in Rhino. However, it should be working with walls, windows, doors… If it is not working with this kind of objects either, please, let me know if when you open the Grasshopper definition is there any component in orange or red colour. If so, which one?

Please, take into account you need to bake these two components at the end of the definition.

What I meant is that you need to create an instance in Revit, so you can do it as you would usually do it in a Revit file.

no imput is orange, but whenever i select both components and click to bake, it doesnt generete anything.

Hello @Leonardo_G_Pate,

That is not the Grasshopper definition available to download here. In your Grasshopper definition, you are referencing a space to place the sections, not all the geometry, so sections are not placed in the correct position. Please, download the definition from Food4Rhino, it should be working with any VisualARQ model.

Or, just in case, do you need something different from what it is shown in the Food4Rhino Grasshopper definition?

My script is this one, sorry!

Hi Leonardo, I suspect you might not be doing the bake of both components at the same time properly. Otherwise it should work. Find the gh file attached which includes a “VisualARQ geometry” component that you can bake instead of the other two:


If the problem persists, please send your 3dm file, so we can check it out in our machines. (18.6 KB)