Column Style using RIR and Attach


I’ve used the set parameter component to assign the Column Style with an integer as an input.
At the beginning it seemed all good but there’s something a bit weird.

In this screenshot there are two columns with the same style but the one set by the script cannot be attached to the beam (ok with floors).

There are also different parameters shown in the “Construction” section

Is there a way to keep possible the attachement of this element even if I’d like to use RIR to set up the Style?

Thank you very much!

Can you post the file? Thanks

It’s probably because of being a slanted vs a normal vertical column in Revit that’s why you see the extra params in the construction tab.

What you can do is not use the Add column component, and utilize the add component location instead, the later will give you a vertical column and you can adjust height using the top level offset params…

Or you can use the Add column component, make sure your input curves are vertical lines, then change the column style parameter to vertical inputting a value of “0”

Thank you very much for the answer.
Actually all the objects are drawn directly in Revit, I have only to change the style, if I do it manually it works but with the script it has the issues listed above.
I’ll post an exemple tomorrow or later today, thank you.

columns beam_ Column Style (12.1 KB)

I’ve tried to make it easy…Tell me if you need more information

Thank you Japhy!


So I tested with the GH file you sent, and I disabled the cull patterns and what’s going after the add column, and I could not replicate the issue, the columns / beams are being joined correctly if I create the columns first or if I create the beam first both orders they get joined.

I am using “Revit 2022.1” and “RiR V1.10.8336.14469”

Thank you for the video, the issue comes when you change the column style, it doesn’t affect the way you create the columns (I guess). You can try using a column and a beam drawn directly in Revit.
This is my specific case. I have the design already in place and I’m changing the Column Style with the part that comes after the cull pattern that you deleted.

Ok, I think I misunderstood you question will check that and let you know…

If i change in the UI to Vertical they lose attachment as well.

I think there are particular rules that Revit is imposing that need to be followed when using that parameter.