Add Structural Column - Zero Length

Hi :slight_smile:

So recently this has become an issue on a project with a large number of columns being run through.

So, to fix this error we are having to disconnect the Curve Wire — Which means we are losing all tags & then we re-connect the wire & then the columns will be updated.

This issue is not occurring when we have a smaller list of column curves.

Also, another way we are going around this issue is placing columns on Plane with Placement of a family to plane.

Revit 2021.1.6
RIR 1.12.8449.6358

Hi Christopher, not seeing any issues with large lists. Can you send internalize your curves list and post a .gh?


Thanks for looking at this

This is working as expected in the latest Daily. There was a fix put in related to non-vertical structural columns.


Thanks Japhy… It is now working…

However, when I updated RIR my Place Component Components are giving me this error?

I was using place Component Location for column placements, so I don’t need to rotate columns. As I was just placing columns on a planes & updating parameters for their heights.

What does the error say? the resolution is a little low, something about Type and Level?

Says the family type is not a valid one-level or work-plane based type.

When I use to use this component, it would take the column families.

Can you provide a small sample of the family type its referring to? I’ll need more info to help. Thanks

Column (2.8 KB)
Thanks Japhy,

Any column type I try to assign to a Add Component Location seem to not be working now.


Christopher, Please try the latest Daily build.