Add Structural Columns - Vertical Column Style / Slanted

Hi RIR Dev Team,

When I am placing around 300+ Hanging Columns i am getting some columns coming in Slanted. I tired to force a Vertical Column but the column will not go straight? Any reason for this. Would be good to force it to be vertical when it is created.

I tired to set column Level & without and that didn’t seem to work either. Thanks for your help.

Can you put together a small example? Please include the Revit/RiR version info as well. Thanks.

I think i have found the issue. Now sorry.
The bottom set level was too far past the bottom beams. So the column was auto snapping to be angled.

So when i adjust the bottom point of the line to the top of the beam it is now working for most cases.

Yep its working now. Just needed to make sure the bottom of the column was set to the top level of the beams.

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Hi @Japhy,
Is it possible to not have the columns auto join/snap to other Revit Framing elements?

Disabling Join doesn’t stop Revit from making ‘spooky’ associations where they are trying to be helpful in creating relationships with nearby objects in certain elements.

Ok Thanks Japhy.

The workaround i had to do was to run the Column Script first. Then run the Framing Script below.

Not sure why Revit is doing spooky Associations to below Structural framing elements.