V7 WISH : Colour Hex Values

Coping a colour value from a layer to a material colour (or other colour settings) would be much easier if the colours included hex values. Currently we have to copy three values

As gregb said in this forum post - “It allows transfer of a specific color using only a single value, way easier than trying to remember or copy over 3 values of the other color systems (if match or eyedropper isn’t an option).” Color picker wishes


An old request, logged here: RH-29797

This would be very useful!

I thought that this will be implemented in R7, what’s the status?
I don’t see it anywhere below…

Its available in ‘RGB Sliders’ mode :grinning:.

It would be useful if it was available under the other modes too.

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aha, good to know… should be available everywhere though…

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