Requests for more incorporation of color names in Color Picker

  1. Where space is available in the various Select Color windows, like to the left of Hex in RGB Sliders, please add a combo box in which the color name can be typed and/or picked. The color can then chosen by name, then modified via the other controls in the window.
  2. Please highlight or preselect the name of the current object color. Even in Custom Color List, the color name of the currently selected single object (or layer) is not indicated.
  3. Please add the color names from System.Drawing.Color, ignoring any conflicts, e.g., Rhino’s Green vs. .NET’s Green. If request # 1 exists, more names can be typed.


Thank you

Hi Steve - as for your # 1 - we’re still trying to find out how we want this - RH-58886