Color comparison in v3 and v2

I am just changing the parameter value in both versions and it shows me the different results. What would be the issue??
version 2:-
version 3:-

I am assuming you are talking about versions 2 and 3 of the viewer. Lighting and environment are handled in very different ways in both versions, and achieving a consistent look between the two versions is difficult. Most notably, in version 3 the environment map is used for lighting on top of the physical lights. Depending on which version you are using in your application, I would focus on this specific version and play with lights and environments until you have achieved the desired result. The edit page on the ShapeDiver platform will let you play with those settings in viewer 3 but also let you open the model in viewer 2 (the V2 button on the top right) and save settings there if you need to use this old version in your application.

Can you share the link for the edit page? can’t find it.

There is a link to the edit page of any of your models when you open them, on the top right of your screen:

Thanks a lot

Hi Mathieu,

I am having the same issue here.
We are trying to move all our models to Viewer 3, but our developer is still working on it.
Unfortunately, this creates a tricky situation for us that same materials are presented in both Viewer 2 and Viewer 3. And to make them look almost the same is really difficult.
Do you have any suggestions how to make them have closer feeling? Is there any general principles of lighting settings, or even a formula to switch/convert color HEX codes for two versions? That would be really great!

Curious to know your thoughts, thanks!

Hello @ChongYao_Aectual,

we are aware that this is a difficult issue, but there is a relatively easy solution to adjust your model settings to achive the looks you had in Viewer 2. In the Advanced Rendering tab, you can change your settings like in the screenshot below to mimic the rendering of Viewer 2.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Michael