Shapediver V2 lighting

I’m trying to add light and material effects, V3 to V2.
Is there any way to copy light and material effects from V3 to V2.

I have attached results in V2 and V3.

Thank you!

Hello @savaliyakenil5

as you are using Viewer V2, you also have to adjust the rendering settings in Viewer V2.

You can do this by going to the edit page of your model and clicking on this “V2” button.

In the page that will open, you can adjust your rendering settings and save them. They will then show up in your application as you have saved them there.

Cheers, Michael

Hello @MajorMeerkatThe3rd

My questions are,

  1. How can I make adjustments similar to V3 in V2?
  2. Whenever I saved in V2, that automatically turned in V3 in shapediver.
  3. Is there any way to copy all settings from V3 and paste them into V2?

Thank you!

Hello @savaliyakenil5,

ok so Viewer V3 has a lot more features than Viewer V2, therefore backwards compatibility is not possible.

  1. Unfortunately, you can’t. All the adjustements that are possible in Viewer 2 are shown in the Viewer 2 editing page.
  2. Can you explain this point a bit further? I just tried it out and when I save on the Viewer 2 editing page, I stay on that page.
  3. No, that is not possible.

All the best,