Cloud Zoo: Multiple domains - 1 lab license


I’m setting up Cloud Zoo for use in our University College.

We have an Azure AD multi domain configuration. Students have a different domain ( than our staff (

So, I was thinking of creating 2 seperate Teams (one for students and one for staff) which I can than link to their Azure AD domain.

However, I can only link my Lab license serial to 1 team. What would be the best coarse of action to link 2 domains to 1 lab license?


@aj1 - can you help with this?

Hi @david.vandenborn,

As you found out, a license can only belong in a single team, and one team can only be linked to one domain.

I can’t think of a “best” answer, but as a compromise, you could link the team to the students domain ( and then manually invite staff to the team as well, since presumably the staff would remain fairly consistent while students will frequently change. This arrangement would allow you to share a single lab license amongst your students and staff. It will mean though that your staff would have to be manually invited and have an account created if they do not already have one.

Hi @aj1,

Thanks for the clarification. Your solution does seem to be the best given the fact that you can assign one license to only one team.