Cloud Zoo API Access - Add / Remove / Boot users

Hi all,

This is my first post in this forum so apologies if it’s not in the right place.

Is there API access to the cloud zoo server where I can:

  • Add / remove / manage users in teams.
  • Track the use duration of each user and write a script to boot the user if licences are not in use.

I’ll be dealing with a pool of potentially 500 dynamic users that will be sharing a pool of licences, I’m looking to make my life a bit easier and automate the process.

Thank you, any advice is appreciated!

I think this is for you guys.

Hi @krishna.duddumpudi,

One thing to keep in mind is that Cloud Zoo and Rhino accounts are completely separate systems technically speaking.

There is currently no API to add or remove users in a team. It all has to go through the Rhino accounts portal.

You could theoretically use Cloud Zoo’s live or historical usage API to monitor how long a user has taken up a seat, but there is no API to boot the user in the system. This is by design.

Thank you for the quick response @aj1!

Could you please point me in the right direction for signing up for the Cloud Zoo’s live or historical usage API?

Hi @krishna.duddumpudi,

Here are more details. I will warn you again about 4 things: 1) It’s slow, so try not to ask for more than a couple of weeks worth of data at a time or you might timeout. 2) The data is raw, so you’ll need to find a way to represent it visually. 3.) This won’t solve all of your puzzle, which is to boot out users programmatically. 4.) Data older than 2 months may be deleted without notice, so it may be missing or incomplete.

You can make a request to with the following content:

HTTP Method:



Authorization: Bearer AUTH_TOKEN_HERE

Content-Type: application/json

To get an auth token:

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.

  2. Open the dev tools in your browser (Every browser has this, but they all have different menus/shortcuts to get there)

  3. In the Console on the dev tools (Again, all browsers have this) enter edsApp.model.custom.oauth2Token , then press enter. You should get the actual token used by the Licenses Portal to make requests to Azure.

Query String Arguments:

entityId: The id of the entity whose historical usage will be returned. For your team, it is “5868264097841152-|-Group”

productId: The id of the product whose historical usage will be returned. For Rhino 6, it is “55500d41-3a41-4474-99b3-684032a4f4df”
fromDate: A unix timestamp specifying the earliest point in time that data will be returned for. See to get this value.
toDate: A unix timestamp specifying the latest point in time that data will be returned for.
hourlyBillingOnly: should always be “false”


GET 5868264097841152-%7C-Group&productId=55500d41-3a41-4474-99b3-684032a4f4df&fromDate= 1605720935&toDate=1605730935&hourlyBillingOnly=false