Get license usage information from Cloud Zoo API

Hey everyone,

in an effort to get visibility of our software and license usage, McNeel Rhino is the next item on our list. We are using a license management tool which we can feed with license and usage date for products to track compliance.
For our locally installed Rhino Zoo we built a script which parses the html returned from calling http://zooserver/status which runs daily and therefore gives us a daily view of the currently used licenses.

We want to do something similar for Cloud Zoo. Just a simple Powershell based script with a GET which retrieves a simple list of users and devices and their used Rhino licenses. Just like it gets returned from LAN Zoo.

I could not find a similar function for Cloud Zoo. Does anyone have an idea or solution for this rather simple requirement?


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As a Cloud Zoo user I would be very unhappy if a third party was able in any way to access any information from the Cloud Zoo regarding my account or usage of Rhino from the Cloud Zoo server. It would be a major breach of my inherent trust of the Cloud Zoo system.

The requested functionality would be a bonanza for anyone trying to hack user’s systems via the Cloud Zoo.

I am confused. How would a GET request here be any different from any other request made through an API? I can get the same license relevant data from Microsoft or Adobe. Any API call made needs to be of course be approved and authenticated first but still… this is by no means something new.

Are you requesting access to information about licenses members of an individual Team on the Cloud Zoo of which you are the owner or an admin? Access by the owner or admin of a Team to information about users and licenses associated with that individual Team is a different matter than access to the Cloud Zoo in general.

Of course I am only interested in data I or the company I work for is responsible for.
Why would I want to see other customers’ license information?

Hey @SwoMieDK, I’ve been working on a new live usage API that should work for your use-case. I’ll PM you with the details.

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I’ve just come across this thread searching for some information to achieve something very similar.
I can get the longer-term historical usage without issue but I’m struggling to get live usage since querying the last few min worth of history only gives me results only if someone has checked out a license within that time period.

I’d be interested in that new live usage API too if at all possible?

Sent you a message :+1:.

Hi, I would be very interested to know more about this API as well

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Hi @will I’ve just come across this thread - just wondering if you could share any details about the live usage API with me?

Hi @will

We’re running 90 lab-licenses on the cloud zoo for our school (LAN-zoo is not reachable via VPN due to some annoying networking policies we cannot change).

It would be utterly great to get regular usage statistics for the licenses in this team - to see how many more lab-licenses we need before we invite the whole school…

I assume that these licenses are assigned to a Cloud Zoo group?

If a manual look would satisfy your need, are you aware of the historical usage graphs available from the ‘my account’ and then teams/licenses part of the mcneel website which exposes actual usage over time for teams you own?