Cloud Zoo Live Usage view by Members too


We have set up a Cloud Zoo and linked our domain to the team, as to make this process of getting a license a little bit easier for our users.

I found out that only I as owner of the team can see the number of licenses available and are used by whom on which machine.
Normal members cannot see this, they see “N/A” under Live Usage. Is it possible to open up the live usage view also for members?

Thank you

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Hi -

This is something that we will look into at some point in the future.


Hi Wim,

While we wait for official support of being able to see who is using Rhino and ask if they can release the license and let you use it.
Is there a way to automatically make an export of the live usage, I’ll parse the export myself so as to comply with our regulations and policies.

The LAN Zoo allows everyone to see the License usage, but our reseller is recommending us the Cloud Zoo and the McNeel website also seems to promote the Cloud Zoo.

Hi -

Having a way to do so would defeat the purpose of not allowing members to access this information.
It sounds like your organization should promote more users to the “administrator” level so that license use can be checked more easily.