Urgent: Cloud Zoo Bug/Poor UX

We can not log out of one cloud zoo account on a work computer and into another. This is vital as the cloud zoo is an employees personal account and they no longer work at the company and we need to license rhino based off of the company licenses. There is not clear way to correct this issue as there is no option to sign out of the cloud zoo account in rhino.

This is for R7 though we have experienced this same issue since R5.

Hello - normally, I think, the way to do this for a company is to set up a Team or domain linked team in the Cloud Zoo and invite individual users to the team - this way the company is in charge of the licenses.

Is that how your users are set up? (this was not available for V5)


We had an employee who came from university and had a student license we upgrade to the commercial. This license could not be moved to our company cloud zoo so they continued to use their personal cloud zoo. Now that they have left the company, we need to log out of their cloud zoo as to log into the new company one. We can not find a way to do that.

However, the details of why we need to change cloud zoo accounts should not be important. All that is important is that we are unable to log out of one and into another. From the looks of it, I am not the first person to run into this issue either. Cloud Zoo License account change: “Remove License” not working - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum

Sure, I did not ask that. My question was whether your users are set up to use a team. It seems like not.

Logging out (LogOut command) and then logging back in to the account you want to use should do it I would think.


Well, that is not strictly legal. You cannot simply “take over” an educational license from a student/intern and upgrade it to a commercial one. Educational licenses are not transferable. The proper procedure is that the the student who possesses the individual educational licenses upgrades it themselves to a commercial one (only at the next Rhino version change) and then sells the commercial license to the company (commercial licenses are transferable).

At that point you are required to fill out an official license transfer form and have it signed by both parties and submit it to McNeel; that is where the transfer of the license to your company cloud zoo could have also taken place.

We are not trying to transfer a license. We are simply trying to log out of this employees account in R7 so we can then log into a company account in R7.

If you are going to get caught in legal minutia instead of working on the problem, the employee purchased the license as a student, then came to work for the company. When r7 came out, we as a company paid for the employee upgrade from r6 educational to r7 commercial. Now the employee has left and has taken their personal r7 commercial license with them.

We are simply trying to log out of their McNeil account in R7 and log in a new employee with that new employee’s account. This should not be this difficult. See linked thread above for another example of the exact same problem we are dealing with.

Hello - and the LogOut command suggested above does not help, here?


It keeps redirecting to the old employees account instead of giving us an option to log into a new one.

Hm - do you get to a page that looks like this:


This stuff is undergoing some churn at the moment but I think you should get to that page after logging out and then starting Rhino.


There should be an option to use a different account.

Thanks for the logout command. Ended up having to reset the browser cache to get a new log in finally. For future reference, it is better to send a new message/post than to edit and old one to have the answer. We do not get notifications for edits to old posts.

Additionally, there should be a log out button in the license menu to allow the user clear and easy access to vital tools. This would have save me a lot of head ache today.

@cameronbehning sorry for your frustrations here. We are working feverishly to make improvements to the license flow system in all areas from Cloud Zoo/ LAN Zoo / Stand Alone . Staring with Rhino 7 SR8 and a soon to be released Rhino 6 SR35 there will be a logout option on the Options > Licenses > Change my license key if you are currently logged in. You will still need to clear the browser cache to clear your old employees credentials presented on the web dialog, but otherwise this should be easier and more clear. Sorry again for your frustrations. I would be interested to get your feedback on the changes in SR8 to see if you find them more useful.



I will look into the R8 beta later this week and happily get back to you. Over all, Rhino is such an amazing modeling software that gives us all the tools we need. Unfortunately
, there are just dozens of little things scattered through out that make collaborative working and working from home incredibly difficult. I would love to help identify and fix these types of UX issues as I know it will not only help me, but the entire Rhino community.

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Thank you! Please note that I am referring to Rhino 7 SR8. Which is currently in Release Candidate state in your Rhino 7 check for updates.


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