Rhino license usage in Cloud Zoo

Every now and then I add some users to my RhinoCentre Team in the Cloud Zoo. For example when I offer an in-company training.
Is there a possibility to have some statistics and usage info about the individual users:

  • License now: active/ not active

  • Last use of license

  • User statistics last month. How many times did this user opened Rhino and for how long?

Statistics per team, overall use of license. For example, when a company owns 10 licenses, that a graph shows the use of them over the last month. Monday 6/10, Tuesday 9/10, Wednesday 5/10 etc.


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Dag Gerard -

I’ve logged that request → WWW-2280 License usage statistics


Thank you Wim!

Have you looked at the live and historical usage data currently available at Rhino Accounts? You can also download the historical usage data as a CSV file for further manipulation and aggregation.


Hello @will ,

I work for a company that has team licenses at RhinoAccounts. As of today, licenses are actively being used by company colleagues.

Is there any possibility to get information / statistics about how many other than checked-in users tried to get license from RhinoAccount and got refused (due to unavailable licenses) within certain period of time?

What I´d like to achieve is to see how many licenses would need to be purchased to satisfy 80-90% of the daily demand. I´m not company´s account owner, so I´d ask our IT guys to do that.

Thank you very much for any info.



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