Cloud syncing issues – maybe due to autosave?

Hi, I am using Rhino 6 for Mac but I think autosave is a general issue so I’m posting this here. I am working on a project with many Rhino files on a cloud drive. We have some issues syncing the files. I am suspecting it may have something to do with autosave – i.e. Rhino is trying to save more frequently than the files are uploaded to the server and that causes a “File is locked” syncing issue.

Of course it is not clear that Rhino is causing the issue. That’s what I am trying to figure out: Is Rhino autosaving to the actual file itself while it is open? If so, can that be changed, or at least the interval in which the file is saved?

FYI we are using ownCloud. Has anyone experienced similar problems?

Hi -

Autosaving on the Mac is completely different from the way it is done on Windows so I’m putting this in the Mac category.

On the Mac, the MacOS takes care of the versioning system and autosaves continuously.

There might be options in MacOS but I’m not familiar with that.

I actually was not aware of this. A quick google search got me to this

Apparently it’s possible to turn auto-save off completely, but I’m not sure it’s what I want.

Anyway, thanks. I’ll try to look into the details of MacOS autosave then