Google Backup and Sync: Rhino 6 Deleting Files

Hello all, longtime Rhino and user and just about getting ready to upgrade to paid version of 6 after using v5 on Mac for many years. I’ve changed my work habits significantly while trialing Rhino 6 and utilize the zoo license to move between a Mac in my office, a Windows PC out in my shop, and a mobile Mac. I’m presently relying on Google Drive’s Backup and Sync to keep my files synchronized between these devices.

I think I’m seeing a normal process with Rhino deleting its backup files when I make changes to a model, perhaps that autosave info gets deleted very quickly, and as a result I’m getting frequent warnings from Google that my data is being deleted. Thus far I’m not sure what the best way to reconcile this workflow problem might be, and would appreciate any help from the community.

Please note that the google cloud storage is only my desired platform for syncing because I have ample storage in that service, and use if for other aspects of work, but I’d consider changing to something that doesn’t hiccup because my work in Rhino is critical to what I’m doing.

Mahalo for any help on the topic,

Hi Carl,
It sounds like Google Drive would prefer that the Rhino 6 for Windows “Create backup” feature (which creates the .bak3dm by deleting the former .bak3dm, renaming the last 3DM to bak3dm, and saving the new 3DM) should be turned off. This is on Rhino for Windows, Options -> Files -> uncheck “create back up”. This is a system setting that will be remember.

This is a Windows only feature, so you do not need to turn it off on the Mac side.
There may be a Google drive setting that would also help here. But I do not know what that would be. Maybe someone else on the Forum can advise on Google Drive or recommend a better cloud storage solution.

As far as the autosave, or versions in Rhino for Mac, that is more difficult because our procedure for disabling for that not longer works with the Catalina update. So we do not have a workaround for that yet. We will let your know when do.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Support

Hello Mary,

I really appreciate the reply and have taken a look at my settings on all three devices. There is a blanket disablement feature in Backup And Sync to silence warnings about files being deleted, and I’d rather leave this on in case I do see accidental deletion from any device I use the account in question with.

So the fix it seems is in the backup file generation in Windows Rhino as you suggested. I have no problems creating manual backups and often do file versioning since the .3dm is typically very light weight.


Hi again Mary, I just wanted to let you and your team know that your prompt answer helped me settle on purchasing Rhino 7. Done deal, and syncing works just fine using your tip.

Carl Miller

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