Auto saving issues with One drive sync

Hi there,

I am posting this in hope there is a bug that can be identified with the latest update 7.10.21256.17002, 2021-09-13 and autosaving function in rhino.
I use onedrive/ sharepoint cloud services in our studio, recently after the latest update I start having a dialog pop up asking/ saying the file has been altered by another program and needing confirmation on file saving, 3 options 1. save anyway; 2. revert changes; 3. cancel.

If i pause onedrive from syncing the issue disappears.

Could there be a bug here? was there any changes to the function in rhino7 (mac) latest update on this function? could this be related to OSX 11.6?

Thank you very much in advance for any feedback.

Hi -

Note that there is no autosaving function in Rhino on macOS. The “autosaving” is part of macOS.

Which version of Rhino were you running prior to updating to 7.10 and do you still have that laying around? (Also note that the current stable release of Rhino is 7.11).

Hi Wim,

Thanks for you reply.
I’ve been running rhino 7 osx since the release, also been updating when an update pops up. I had the previous releases too (5&6), the autosaving issues never popped up before.

It could be a OSX related bug as you mention. I have updated again (7.11.21285.13002, 2021-10-12), lets see if this problem got solved

I read this post Auto Save and Versions in macOS (autosave) [McNeel Wiki], it explains the issues with autosaving and osx version related differences, I found it useful.

Hi All,

We also have exactly the same issue in our studio when running Rhino 7 on Mac computers where the files are placed in the OneDrive sync folder. The pop-up window appears every few minutes and you have to press “save anyway”. This does not happen if you work from a file that is not in the OneDrive sync folder or if the sync is turned off. Also it does appear in the middle of a command and is not only working in the background.

I kind of understand that the Auto Saving function is not part of Rhino, but still this issue only appeard/appears when running Rhino 7 and not on the old Rhino 5/6 and is only related to Rhino and no other software.

Has anyone else found a fix or have any ideas other than moving the file back and forth from the OneDrive folder every time you open or close it?

I know this reply is extremely late, but - in case others find it - we now have an experimental command in Rhino 8 for Mac which allows you to disable macOS Autosave/Versions in Rhino:

Command: TestToggleMacAutosaveVersions

macOS Auto Save and Versions features are now DISABLED!...
WARNING: Please Quit and Restart Rhino for these changes to take effect.

NOTE: This should be done with extreme care and only used in situations where you would like to see if macOS’s Autosave/Versions feature is a causing specific problem.

Always backup your files using TimeMachine (or similar)!

If this solves your issue, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know :raised_hands:

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