Bug in Rhino SR23

Hello everyone,

My colleagues and I have been experiencing a very unusual thing when closing the block editor window. The entire content of the block simply vanishes, and Rhino saves immediately an autosave/recover file in the usual Autosave folder right after, so it is impossible to recover any of the material lost (unless you saved manually before entering the block edit mode).


Yes I’ve had this occur also, a pretty huge bug.

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I have already reported it some time ago (caused me lot of pain). They are aware of the bug.

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Good to know that they are aware, not good to know that caused you lot of pain… Let’s hope for a quick fix!

Yep, definitely

First of all: don’t panic.
I have found a workaround by importing corrupted file into another one. You will loose lots of individual settings but at least you can recover your work. Information is still there (see the size of your file) , you just can’t see it.
Another way is to open corrupted file in block editor and copy-paste stuff into new file.
See if it helps.

Hi Piotr - did you get a YouTrack number for that issue?

Yes. Carla S has been a contact person.

Thanks, Piotr, I found that report.
There is very little information in this thread and it also sounds like something else that I recently reported so I would like to dig some more into what’s being reported here.

@mad, @benjamin

The title of this thread specifically refers to SR23. So far, there have been 3 public SR23 release candidates. Did this issue start when updating from SR22 to a specific version of SR23 or between versions of SR23?

Can you share a simple file and clear steps to reproduce the issue?

I have reported this in Serengeti, but i spotted it in V6 too.
I don’t have a test file unfortunately, but it has been tested on any block.
That bug appeared when I was undoing steps beyond anything to undo - Rhino created some warning message then either crashed, froze or started behaving oddly.

Hej Wim,

I checked the computers that had this issue and not all of them have the SR23 on. Some of them have SR22 and some of them SR21.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue at our own will. It just happens every now and then, and we haven’t been able to find a correlation in between the different issues.

Everyone is reporting the following:

"When pressing OK to close the block editor, without having anything hidden or locked both inside and outside, the entire content of the block disappears. The file mantains the same size as if it had the block still hidden somewhere (but nowhere to be found). An Autosave file gets immediately created right after closing the block so it is impossible to recover the previous versions. It is also impossible to Undo, since according to Rhino there is nothing to Undo.

Takk, Marco - The issue that Piotr reported (RH-56809 - not visible to the public) specifically has to do with using the Undo command when in BlockEdit mode. The following warning would pop up:

Is that something that sounds familiar?

Yes, I think.
Don’t remember exactly. Sweat blinded me for a while :sweat_smile:

No, that is not our case. Just right after clicking OK the entire block disappears. No Warning messages.

OK - thanks for confirming that. This is a different issue then.

Are you seeing this in files that were created in Rhino 5 or early versions of Rhino 6?
Or do you also see this with blocks that are completely new and created in, let’s say, Rhino 6.15?

There was an issue with Rhino 5 and earlier versions of Rhino 6 that would write corrupted data. We fixed the writing of such data but cannot prevent reading that data. So, newer versions of Rhino will continue to have problems with data that was created on older versions. This will lead to the loss of data that is not recoverable. If you are working with older data (blocks), I would advise putting the BlockEdit command in the list of “ Always save before... ” commands in the Rhino Options > Files dialog box:
That way, when you face such loss of data, there’s a least a backup version that can be retrieved from the recycle bin.

If you are seeing this issue with blocks that are created in a current version now, please try to see if there is any pattern in this behavior.

We are all working in Rhino 6, no older files coming from version before 6.15. So it is apparently a completely new issue. We haven’t had such problem before the last two months. At the beginning we thought it was just a human error, but then more people started experiencing it.

The biggest issue of the Autosave, is that it AUTOMATICALLY saves a version RIGHT AFTER the “mistake” is done. So when we try to open that recovery file, the content is already gone. even if we just saved right before opening the block. For us the temporary only solution is to keep on saving manually.

Only once, when trying to retrieve the Autosaved file, the recovery file opened with the BLOCK EDITOR window still open. We immeditaley copied the content of the block in a complete new file and, as we expected, when we clicked on OK on the BlockEditor in the recovery file, everything disappeared once again. Luckily we had the copy on the new file just created.

Thanks for that update, Marco!
I’ll keep an eye on this but please let us know if you notice a pattern.
I would still put the BlockEdit command in the “Always save before” list.