Clipping Plane: Gumball problem & Hide Problem

Two things about Clipping plane:

  1. When Cplane is used, the Gumball even when “Align to Cplane” is selected does not align to the Cplane but probably to the world plane. (Same for Align to Object)
    2)When Clipping plane is hid by hiding the layer it is on, is there way to make clipping plane off?

The way that I’ve set this up is that I have two (or more) Named Views - one with the CP off (i.e. no clipping) and one with the CP on. The CP is on a layer that is always off but if you have given your Named Views easy names without spaces (in my case v0 and v1), you can just reinstate the clipped view by typing v1 and make the CP off again by typing v0.