Gumball doesn't switch to Cplane

If the Gumball is set to Cplane, it should switch alignment when switching from one named cplane to another.
Now I have to deselect and reselect the object(s) to realign it.

Hi Bogdan - - what if you gumball rotate your object in one view so that its gumball is askew from the current plane and you change views (and current CPlane) - what should happen to the gumball?


Hi Pascal!
I think that once I change the view to another one, that has a different Cplane, the gumball should also switch to that Cplane. It should switch while objects are selected in those two situations: when the cplane is changed, and when the current view is changed.

I can’t be sure if this will create other problems or not.

Hi Bogdan - I guess the likely problem is this: in the standard behavior, once you move the gumball, it stays, by design in the same orientation unless you reset it. If you use GumballAutoReset it will change with view or CPlane but currently does not actually refresh unless you edit it once or de-select and re-select. - I’ll see if that can be made to watch for CPlane changes, I really don’t know how easy that is to do, but I suspect it might be complicated…


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Thanks for looking into it Pascal. It might make the workflow more smooth.

Hi Bogdan - this should work better if not perfectly in the next WIP - with GumballAutoreset enabled, switching CPlanes in a view will swap the axes around on the gumball. Making this work for changes in the active view is rather more complicated - I don’t know when that might happen.