Clipping Plane Won't Delete in One View

Hey I’m having an issue in which after deleting my clipping plane the top viewport remains clipped even though there is no clipping plane. I have unchecked the clipping plane in the display settings and still it is clipped. This is not the case in any other view! I have changed the view in set view to multiple other views and the same is happening. What can I do?

(first image is after changed view)
(second is unchecking clipping planes)
(third is top view)

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 20.40.21

Hello - if everything is unlocked and shown, then SelClippiingPlane should find the plane. But if your display mode does not show clipping planes, there is no way to get at it really, in that view. Note the view showing plipping planes or not has no affect on the clipping.