Clipping Plane Not Clipping

Clipping plane seems not to be working for me. Can someone confirm.
Rhino 5.2

testClipping.3dm (3.8 MB)

Hi Jason - the only viewe being clipped is Top - you can set which views to clip in the clipping plane’s Properties.
Any luck?

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No luck… I do not see where I can specify the viewport of the clipping plane in the properties.

I can control the clipping plane by drawing it in the viewport I wish to see it in, But I see no way to switch it.

I see how you do it in the Windows Version… but not the Mac

same here, seems to be only working in perspective view ?? I see nothing changing in the other views ?

Not sure if the omission of the property to change the viewport of the clipping plane a bug or by design… Or maybe I’m missing it.

THat’s a bug. The properties panel for the clipping plane should have the viewport names so you can select which viewports is is affecting.

The WIP has the same problem.
I’ll get it on the pile.

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@John_Brock: Any luck with this item? Seems to still be present in v 5.2.4.

Just getting clipping plane in Top View if drawn in same. The one saving grace is that the clipping plane appears to honor the view in which you initiate it. So, in Perspective, you can use 3 point and wrangle something useful for that view.

This issue is fixed in the latest WIP. I am sure will be apart of the 5.3 release.