Clipping plane view clip options via -Properties broken

In investigating the issue mentioned in a recent post for Mac, I also noticed that there is something broken/missing in the Windows side…

With a clipping plane selected:
-_Properties ClippingPlane
currently does nothing… Methinks it should bring up the command line options on which views to clip, etc. like the Properties dialog has…

Thx, --Mitch

Yeah, I think this one is on the pile, hang on a sec…

Yep -



Just found that this dialog is broken on my WIP when using Clipping planes brought from RH5.I have no way to activate or deactivate them. Any fast way to make them working (right now I’m deleting them and creating them again)

Thanks in advance.

I can’t repeat that problem here - and I’m constantly using RH5 Clipping Planes in the WIP. Could you post a file that shows this?

Hi @wim,

Here you have :wink:

TEST_CP_WIP.3dm (3.0 MB)

OK - looks like you have a display issue that clips part of the UI in the panel for Clipping Planes. @brian

Mine looks like this for your file:

Are you saying that when you make a new clipping plane in a file in the WIP and then go to that panel, you have access to the check boxes?

Hi Angel - what Windows version are you running?


Windows 7

That’s it. Any clipping plane that I create I cannot access the check boxes on its properties (as shown in the capture)

Hi Angel - what happens if you float that panel instead of docking it - does redraw with check-boxes?


Hi Pascal,

Nope…not working. I can use space bar selecting the view to toggle it, but I have not interface feedback about what views are affected, I can just control it looking at the viewport.

Hi Angel - I don’t have Windows 7 handy here but it looks to me like you are using a non-standard theme in Windows - if so, it might be worth a shot to change the theme to the Windows 7 default and see if anything looks different.


I just have the tradition windows theme (disabling Aero or any other fancy thing…). I don’t like to spend machine resources drawing fireworks in the screen :stuck_out_tongue: This is how a typical window looks like. I will reset it to the “default” theme and test again, but should it not be supported anyway?


Hi Angel - I just wanted to see if we could determine whether or not using that these has something to do with the problem.


Hey Pascal,

Sorry, I’ve been during the morning out of the office. I checked and with the default windows theme the checkboxes display properly but not with the windows classic one.


Hi Angel - interesting - I doubt there is any fix we can make in V5 - can you see of V6/WIP behaves the same way ? - that one we can fix.


More coffee, @pascal. This is on the WIP…

See what happens when the cleaning staff turns off the espresso machine over night?

thanks, now I can make a useful bug report.



Turns OFF???

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I know I know. Crazy but it happens sometimes, really. Takes a while to warm up, I go look at a couple of Discourse threads while I’m waiting, you see how the whole thing can snowball…


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