Wish: Clipping plane enable/disable checkbox

Continuing the discussion from Clippingplanes wishes:

I echo all of @Holo’s wishes from the above thread originally from June 2014. It doesn’t appear that any of them have made it into RH6 yet?

And I’d like to add that the clipping plane itself should be able to turned on and off in the clipping plane properties windows. It seems like the most basic control of the clipping plane should happen in the property pane as well. It is rather unintuitive and inconvenient to have to use the disable/enable clipping plane commands when there should be a simple enable checkbox when selected.


Hi Greg - that is how it works- you enable and disable it per view however…


Thank you, Pascal, I see now. I think what confused me is running the disable and enable clipping plane command only affecting that viewport.

It would still be nice to have the option of a separate master on/off switch for that clipping plane, controlling all the selected viewports.

Yep, got that, thanks.