Wish double or right click to turn on and off clipping plane


I would like to be able to double click or right click on a clipping plane widget and quickly turn it on or off this would be in addition to it’s current implementation. I know I can script this, but when McNeel makes the clipping plane more robust for V6 I would like a quick way like this to turn them on and off quickly without going into properties or scripting anything extra.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi RM - would this turn on/off the plane for the double-click view only?



Humm I don’t see an option for on=yes or off in the properties page nor do I see these options in vbscript, can we get these options in the future or maybe I’m missing how to do this in properties?

(Steve Baer) #4

What is “on” in the context of this conversation. Does that mean the clipping plane is visible or that the clipping plane clips geometry in the current viewport?


Hi Pascal,

Yea I know that’s a can of worms since we can have all those view options with the clippingplane. To keep it simple the answer is yes. I use the clipping plane to work on the inside of objects or complex interiors and having a simple way to turn it on and off like this would be great for my work.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Well, in Properties, clipping planes are assigned to views- by default the view it is created in is clipped but others are not. My question is, how would you want a toggle, like double-click to work… if a plane is active, clipping the current view and you double-click, that view is affected and that’s it? Otherwise it could get messy -, all clipped views are affected if the clipping plane is toggled off, maybe, but what is it is toggled on? all views are toggled, or? etc.



Yes I want to turn on and off the clipping of geometry not the visibility of the clipping plane widget.


I know it’s a can or worms but I rarely use the clipping plane in more than one view. I really use it as a mobile cplane that allows me to work on the inside of objects or interiors. I create a clipping plane in perspective view that clips the geometry in the perspective view, I then attach a mobile cplane to the clipping plane using 3 points now I can work where I need like on the inside of a complex shape or interior.

Also I really, really hope in the future we can actually snap to the clipped geometry. The clipping plane should be coded to have a secret intersect/cut plane that makes this possible so the sectioning is done in code, not like section tools where real geometry is created. I had this in my old 3d cad program point line it’s the only thing in Rhino that I’ve been missing all these years.


I just realized we are over thinking this, just let the settings for viewports that get clipped stick or be whatever the user already has chosen and just turn them on or off with a double click of the widget or a right click.
That way the state of which viewports that were clipped remains as the user has already chosen them and no need for extra fuss.

Maybe the word toggle on/off clipping plane/s makes more sense to you over achievers. In other words keep the state of which viewports were checked in memory and turn them off or on when the widget is double clicked or right clicked.

Also I don’t see why in properties we can’t:
-_Properties clippingplane perspective state=on