Clipping plane section

Hi, I want to create a section as shown on the image (the red line) by using the clipping plane. But I realised that the clipping plane always cut the section all the way through, can it be turned an angle so I

can show different parts of the project?

@Rj1 You should be able to use the ‘gumball’ to rotate the clipping plane to the desired angle. Gumball can be turned on by clicking it at the bottom of your rhino screen. Use arrows to rotate the selected clipping plane.

If you would like to make multiple sections copy and paste your building for the desired amount of sections you would like and make for each section view that you want. For example if you want 3 sections copy the building and clipping plane 3 times for each section view.

SIDE NOTE: You can then use the ‘Make2D’ command to then produce line drawings that will be projected into 2D.

I am new to helping people, so sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for.