Easier Sections?

This may be more of a request for future rhino updates, than a help topic.

I think with rhino being one of the largest programs used by designers, especially architecture students, taking sections from off angles becomes tedious and requires the use of changing the cplane, creating a clipping plane, and using make2D. Which all together has problems of it’s own like how much extra work after that you have to do to save the exact view Incase you need to get back to it later for reference.

Would it be possible that there is a second clipping plane option ie clippingplanesection that would create a clipping plane, and create a saved view for you that is a parallel projection of that plane? Seems like a simple macro command could do it, although I’m just offering up the idea for discussion.

Hello - try:

_CPlane _Object _Pause _Plan 
_-NamedView _Save _Pause _Enter 
_CPlane _Undo _UndoView _UndoView


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Or that. Thanks!