Is a "Sectional One-Point Perspective" of Architecture possible in Rhino?

Hi Everyone, Im a newbie so please forgive me! :frowning:

May I know how do I create a drawing - where I can Section the building but in 1-point perspective view? I don’t mind exporting into Illustrator or Photoshop for post-production if that is the workflow :slight_smile:


Hi Izumi,

Build your model and arrange it so that its front face is centred on the world origin and lying in the xz plane, then set the camera and target position in the perspective viewport properties panel so that their x and z coordinates are 0, the target y coordinate is zero and the camera y coordinate is a negative value (you will need to experiment with the size). Set camera rotation to 0. Set the lens length to a low (wide angle) value (again you will need to experiment, but start around 20).

Placing the model at the world origin is just to make the camera and target positioning easy. If for some reason you cannot do that you will have to work out appropriate camera and target coordinates.



Nice! thanks alot! So, I assume from this view then I can use the section command and then export the drawing? :smiley:

Hi Izumi,

No, the Section command just draws curves where a plane cuts an object. What you want are the Clipping Plane commands (look in the Display commands tab). You will need to look these up in the Help file because they aren’t very intuitive. Key thing is to position the clipping plane in the orthogonal views, but then to enable it while the perspective view is selected.

The Section Tools plugin extends this, if necessary, by adding e.g. hatching or surfaces to close objects cut by the clipping plane; but I’d start with the built in clipping functions first.


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Thank u so much Jeremy! :smiley:
Alright I will look into this! Thank u alot once again!! :smiley: